Through the Veil Part 10

Dave Chase & Through the Veil Part 10

Through the Veil Part 10It is with some sadness that we announce that Through the Veil Part 10 is now available to download, for free, from

David Chase, who originated the whole Through the Veil series, sadly passed away on 26 March 2014 after a long illness. This final episode of Through the Veil is dedicated to him.

Thank you, Dave, from all at Spica Publishing.

Part 4 of the extended adventure written by Martin J. Dougherty.

Through the Veil Part 4 now available to download from!

Part 4 of Through the Veil by Martin J. Dougherty is now available to download for free from Spica Publishing’s page!

You can also download Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3 – all for free! – from!


Through the Veil Part 1 available on!

A free meal to listen to a job offer? That’s the best deal going right now…

The patron is the owner of a ship that just put into Marcos, and he’s hiring. He has a reputation for being a hard taskmaster but he knows his way around the frontier. Details of the job are sketchy but it’s posted as a long-duration cruise out to Coreward.

That’s a long way, even aboard a Jump 2 ship; on the other hand, it’s a job for the whole of that time…

Written by Martin J. Dougherty, ‘Through the Veil’ is a free adventure set in Spica Publishing’s Outer Veil setting. This adventure is the first part of a Linked Adventure Series (LAS) called ‘What are Friends For’ that follows a new Subsidised Safari/Merchant ship looking to hire a few crew members for an extended haul. The story arc of ‘What are Friends For’ is comprised of 10 episodes/adventures; ‘Through the Veil’ is the first part of a trilogy but it is also designed to be played as a stand alone adventure.

‘Through the Veil’ requires that players and Referees have a copy of, access to, the current edition of Traveller or other SF RPG rules. The Outer Veil sourcebook from Spica Publishing would also be be useful but is not required.

Download Through the Veil Part 1 for free from!