Art Submissions

These guidelines are Spica Publishing’s basic requirements for art submissions. Spica Publishing does not buy art in advance of projects; all art purchased by Spica Publishing is for a specific project. Spica Publishing cannot consider amateur or ‘fan’ art, but if you think your work might be of professional quality, Spica Publishing would be happy to take a look at it.

Black & White Illustrations
Spica Publishing is looking for clear, bold, high-contrast pen-and-ink or computer-generated drawings, showing a thorough knowledge of perspective, anatomy, shading and proportion. Shading should be done with solid blacks or in a graphics program such as Photoshop. Spica Publishing’s black-and-white art requires computer files for computer-generated work; contact Spica Publishing for more information. Spica Publishing will only accept art sent by email (inked originals should be scanned and emailed).

Colour Illustrations
Spica Publishing are looking for bright, high-energy colour work that shows good composition, attention to detail, and knowledge of how a cover should be laid out. Cover images must be sent as the original, final image file.

Initial Inquiries
When you first contact Spica Publishing, please include some covering information in your email (such as the names of products your work has appeared in) and image file samples as a permanent reference. Electronic submissions are preferred, and website links are the best way to show your work to Spica Publishing.

Rights Purchased
Spica Publishing purchases all rights to contracted artwork, including reuse in second or revised editions of products and for advertising.

Pay Rates
The available space for interior book art is based on the following parameters: US ‘letter’ page size (21.59 cm by 27.94 cm) with 2.50 cm margins on all sides. This gives an available area of 379.808 cm2 (16.60 cm by 22.88 cm) for full page art, which has been rounded to 380 cm2 for the information shown below.

For each full page 380 cm2 or larger: £ 60.00, € 88.00, US $ 96.00
For each half page 190 cm2 :  £ 30.00, € 44.00, US $ 48.00
For each quarter page 95 cm2 : £ 15.00, € 22.00, US $ 24.00
For each piece of spot art 24 cm2 or less: £ 7.50, € 11.00, US $12.00

Cover Art
Payment varies according to our specific requirements; please contact Spica Publishing for more information.

Art Specifications
Contracted art must be consistent with the rules and text of the product and Spica Publishing provides specific art guidelines for each project. Artists are sometimes supplied with pages that have already been laid-out that show the exact size and shape of the ‘art hole’ to be filled, as well as any specific illustration instructions. Not all art spaces are rectangular or square. Payment is based on the size of the ‘art hole’, not the size of the finished piece. Artists are encouraged to work proportionately larger than the designated area, although Spica Publishing should be contacted if the art is larger than 760 cm2.

Electronic Specifications
Spica Publishing likes to have art submitted electronically because it saves time converting it. When you send art by email, please send electronic images in grayscale for black and white illustrations or CYMK for colour. Do not send files in bitmap format. Crop any excess white space from the edges. The resolution image size should be 118.1 pixels per centimetre (300 pixels per inch). Save each file as .tiff, .jpg or .png format, not .bmp. Always label assigned art with an abbreviation of the project name and the page number to which the art is assigned.

You can email your enquiries by using the Contact Spica Publishing page.