SP 0200 Outer Veil

OVThe year is 2159 and the Frontier needs you.

As powerful as they are in the Core worlds, the Federated Nations of Humanity government and the megacorporations cannot act directly on the far distant area of space known as the Outer Veil. The Outer Veil is a month or more away by one of the brand new, Tech Level 11 courier starships; to exert their power, the FNH government needs individuals like you as reliable administrators who can think on their feet, loyal military officers to project its force and determined Justice Commission agents to uphold the law where colonial authorities cannot.

The megacorporations want results fast and by any means necessary whilst researchers, explorers, workers are needed for projects on the Frontier. Work on the darker side of inter-corporate competition on the Frontier can be found by mercenaries and spies. The Frontier worlds offer adventure and opportunities for professionals, hired guns, explorers and colonists.

Outer Veil is a complete near-Earth, near-future setting for the Traveller roleplaying game. The sourcebook contains:

  • Details of humanity’s history 150 years into the future and an overview of the society, culture, economics and government of the 2150s;
  • Nine new careers specific to the Outer Veil;
  • Eleven new starships and nine small craft;
  • Rules for asteroid mining;
  • Details of some of the Frontier worlds and 16 subsectors maps and Universal World Profile lists of the space around Earth;
  • Referee’s information;
  • Four patrons for the Outer Veil setting;
  • ‘Brotherhood & Justice’, a complete adventure set in the Outer Veil, complete with maps and non-player characters.

Requires the use of the Traveller core rulebook available from Mongoose Publishing.

You can purchase Outer Veil as a PDF to download from Spica Publishing’s page at DriveThruRPG.com.

Outer Veil is not yet available in print but watch this space!

Product Information

Authors: Omer Golan-Joel with Richard Hazlewood

Artists: Michael Thomas, David Redington

Released: November 2011

Catalogue Number: SP 0200

ISBN: 978-0-9560893-9-7

Outer Veil © Spica Publishing 2011-2015. All rights reserved.