Spica Publishing produces supplements for the current edition of the Traveller science fiction roleplaying game.

Open Game Content

Some of Spica Publishing’s products may contain ‘Open Game Content’ (‘OGC’), which is released under the Open Game Licence version 1.0a (‘OGL’) from Wizards of the Coast, Inc. Spica Publishing products that contain OGC have a copy of the OGL on the very last page of the product. Each product that contains OGC will have the OGC listed in paragraph 8 Identification of the OGL on the last page of the product.

Spica Publishing products that do not contain any OGC will not have a copy of the OGL on the product’s very last page, and all content in the product will be Closed Gaming Content.

Spica Publishing Products

Spica Publishing produces two types of product: our Traveller products, which can be used in most science fiction roleplaying game settings, and our own Outer Veil setting products. Both types of product have distinct trade dress to enable customers to differentiate between the two. Both products carry the ‘Traveller Compatible Product’ logo on their front covers.

 SP 0101 Career Book 1 websiteTraveller Products

Spica Publishing’s generic products have a blue band at the top and bottom of the cover, with the Spica Publishing logo in the blue band on the top-right. Currently, the following products comprise Spica Publishing’s Traveller catalogue:



OVOuter Veil Products

Spica Publishing’s Outer Veil setting was created by Omer Golan Joel with Richard Hazlewood.

Outer Veil products have all-black covers and the Spica Publishing logo in black and white in the top right corner of the cover. In addition, Outer Veil products have the distinctive Federated Nations of Humanity symbol on the front cover. Currently, the following products comprise Spica Publishing’s Outer Veil catalogue:

Where to Purchase

All of Spica Publishing’s products are available to purchase as PDF downloads from the Spica Publishing page at

Print editions of most Spica Publishing products are available as print-on-demand from Spica Publishing’s Lulu store.