SP 0102 Career Book 2

SP 0102 Career Book 2 websiteInside the sequel to Spica Publishing’s highly successful Career Book 1 you’ll find two alternative methods for generating Background Skills, an alternative Injury table, the new skills of Manipulation and Psychohistory and an expanded Trade skill, university and graduate school pre-career options, 14 new careers and three pre-generated characters from each of the new careers, plus 14 pre-generated multi-career characters.


  • Athlete: Striving for accolades, athletes compete in games spanning subsectors. It’s the winning that matters!
  • Chancer: Lying, cheating, stealing, and deceit: the tools of the trade of the Chancer, who can only win as long as someone else loses.
  • Companion: Whether you’re down-trodden and poor, or high-class and rich, everyone pays a price in the oldest profession.
  • Cosmonaut: Making a living in space can be hard work, with cargo pods to be moved, repairs to be made and people to be rescued!
  • Enforcer: Thug, bully boy, heavy: names mean nothing to you. Getting a result for your boss means everything!
  • Insurgent: Working within the government, you work in the background, helping those who seek to overthrow the government.
  • Media Practitioner: Lights! Camera! Action! Whether it’s a soap opera, a documentary or a quiz show, you’re the one who makes it shine!
  • Mystic Warrior: You’re searching for the truth both within and without, and enjoying a fight along the way!
  • Politician: Greed, money, power, and votes: when you’re a politician, you need plenty of these!
  • Port Authority: You make sure the right cargo gets to the right ship, the ships get off the pad and that the taxes on the cargos have been paid!
  • Prisoner: Whether you’re a common criminal, a political agitator or a prisoner of war: behind bars, everyone has one thought – to get out!
  • Puppeteer: These alien experimenters are happy to wait to see the outcome of their experiments on other societies.
  • Secret Police: The Secret Police know what everyone is doing, what everyone is saying and where everyone is going!
  • Slave: Your life is in the hands of your master or mistress, their every wish a command, and every command an order!

Requires the use of the Traveller Core Rulebook, available from Mongoose Publishing.

Where to Purchase

You can purchase Career Book 2 as a PDF to download from Spica Publishing’s page at DriveThruRPG.com.

Career Book 2  is available to buy in print from Spica Publishing’s Lulu store.

Product Information

Authors: John Griffiths, Richard Hazlewood, Nik Kraakenes

Artist: Nik Kraakenes

Released: August 2009

Catalogue Number: SP 0102

ISBN: 978-0-9560893-2-8

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