SP 0103 Allies, Contacts, Enemies & Rivals

SP 0103 Allies, Contacts, Enemies & Rivals websiteAllies, Contacts, Enemies & Rivals is a sourcebook of non-player characters for Traveller. Inside you’ll find a wide range of ready-to-use non-player characters (NPCs) and 48 pre-generated characters (or ‘Redshirts’) with combat skills and equipment for use in combat situations.


  • Allies: Whether your player characters need assistance, or you need an NPC for a character’s background, these six allies will help!
  • Contacts: Do your player characters need some information, or somewhere cheap to stay? These six contacts can help, but sometimes at a price!
  • Enemies: Need a bad guy (or gal!) to get in the way of the player characters’ plans? Here are six that fit the bill!
  • Rivals: Ready to out-gun, out-run and out-trade your player characters, these six rivals can make the player characters’ lives more interesting!
  • Individual Non-Player Characters: Six unique individuals, suitable for use as patrons or random encounters. Each is fully detailed, including skills, life events, mishaps, and background information.
  • Psionic Tactical (PsiTac) Team: PsiTac Teams are responsible for for tracking down rogue Psions and Wild Talents and, for graduates of the Psionic Institutes, membership of a Psionic Tactical (PsiTac) Team is often the only way to legally use their abilities.
  • The crew of the Free Trader ‘Olathe Bypass’: Led by Captain Satar O’Brien, the hard working crew of the Olathe Bypass ply the spacelanes in their search for the next big deal. Includes Olathe Trading Company information.
  • The crew of the detached duty Scout/Courier ‘Sirocco’: The crew of the Sirocco carry out freelance surveying and trouble-shooting missions, in between detached duty missions for the Imperial Interstellar Scout service.
  • The crew of the Mercenary Cruiser ‘Barracuda’: The crew of the Merc Cruiser Barracuda transport the Stingray platoon across space on their missions.
  • The ‘Stingray’ Marine Mercenary Striker Platoon: A complete platoon of 37 battle-hardened Marine Mercenaries, lead by Captain Hannah ‘Lucky’ Snell.

Requires the use of the Traveller Core Rulebook, available from Mongoose Publishing.

Where to Purchase

You can purchase Allies, Contacts, Enemies & Rivals as a PDF to download from Spica Publishing’s page at DriveThruRPG.com.

Allies, Contacts, Enemies & Rivals  is available to buy in print from Spica Publishing’s Lulu store.

Product Information

Authors: John Griffiths, Richard Hazlewood

Artist: David Redington

Released: September 2010

Catalogue Number: SP 0103

ISBN: 978-0-9560893-3-5

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