SP 0104 Nemesis Class Pursuit Ship

SP 0104 Nemesis Class Pursuit Chip websiteThe Nemesis Class Pursuit Ship book details a 100 ton starship and includes everything you need to use the ship in your Traveller game. Pursuit ships are small, fast vessels with one, simple mission: to find their prey, chase it down and bring it to justice, although that ‘justice’ may be meted out by a wide variety of employers from interstellar police to criminal masterminds. Inside Nemesis Class Pursuit Ship you will find:


  • Full Traveller starship statistics
  • A detailed deckplan of the entire ship
  • Complete descriptions of the ship’s interior
  • Detailed statistics and backgrounds of three very different and unique Nemesis crews
  • Three new vehicles that can be used with the Nemesis or as everyday vehicles
  • Scenario hooks to use as jumping-off points for your Traveller adventures

The Nemesis is an ideal Adventure Class starship for Agent, Bounty Hunter, Space Patrol and Enforcer player characters. With a Nemesis at your command you become significantly more dangerous to your enemies, and with a Nemesis on your tail, you’d better start running – and fast!

Where to Purchase

You can purchase Nemesis Class Pursuit Ship as a PDF to download from Spica Publishing’s page at DriveThruRPG.com. When you purchase Nemesis Class Pursuit Ship you will also receive the 1 inch/25 mm deckplan file.

Nemesis Class Pursuit Ship is available to buy in print from Spica Publishing’s Lulu store. Unfortunately the 1 inch/25 mm deckplan is only available to purchase with the PDF book of this product.

Product Information

Author: Michael Thomas

Artists: David Redington, Arthur Pollard

Released: July 2009

Catalogue Number: SP 0104

ISBN: 978-0-9560893-4-2

Nemesis Class Pursuit Ship © Spica Publishing 2009-2015. All rights reserved.