SP 0105 System Book 1: Katringa

SP 0105 System Book 1 Katringa websiteSystem Book 1: Katringa describes a complete planetary system and its society, and is designed for use with the current edition of Traveller.

Katringa is a small, cold world with an exotic atmosphere located off the main trade routes. It is a former corporate mining colony run by Horizons Unlimited corporation that is gradually being allowed more independence over time, although corruption still pervades the government. Conditions are harsh in the asteroid belt close to the system’s energetic primary star, but the riches are worth the risk. System Book 1: Katringa includes:


  •  A realistic planetary system, based on current astrophysical knowledge
  • Details of the worlds in the system, including the mineral-rich Idowa Belt, the gas giants Accra and Yendi and their moons, and Olufemi and the Outer Asteroids
  • A full physical description of the planet Katringa, including a detailed breakdown of its geographical features and timekeeping system
  • Important NPCs that may be encountered on Katringa, from all walks of life
  • Adventure Seeds to occupy Player Characters while in the Katringa system
  • Detailed asteroid mining rules

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Product Information

Authors: Richard Hazlewood, Constantine Thomas

Artist: Constantine Thomas

Released: November 2010

Catalogue Number: SP 0105

ISBN: 978-0-9560893-5-9

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