SP 0106 Career Book 3

SP 0106 Career Book 3 websiteCareer Book 3 is the final volume in Spica Publishing’s highly successful Career Book series. Career Book 3 brings Referees and players 14 completely new career options for Traveller character generation. Career Book 3 gives you alternative Mustering Out Benefits tables for all Traveller Core Rulebook careers and all three of Spica Publishing’s Career Books, physical appearance rules for determining a characters height, mass, skin tone, hair and eye colour, a system for generating details of a character’s family, including parents and siblings, rules on how Social Standing affects livelihood, a Family Events table, 14 new careers and 54 pre-generated characters created using the careers in Career Books 1, 2, 3 and the Traveller Core Rulebook.

  • Assistant: More than a servant, an Assistant is often a friend and confidant to the wealthy and powerful who can be entrusted with significant control.
  • Broker: Brokers work for companies large and small, or as an independent contractor arranging receipt and delivery of cargo.
  • Field Researcher: Not satisfied with being stuck in a laboratory, Field Researchers go out and perform their research on location.
  • Free Trader: Free Traders trade with smaller worlds that the big corporations find unprofitable.
  • Inheritor: The survivors of the end of the world who are fighting their way back to the stars.
  • Journalist: Journalists report on local or galactic events for a news feed, the Traveller’s Aide Society, or as an independent reporter.
  • Mariner: Mariners are sea-going people, making a living working in, on, or under the ocean.
  • Merchant Marine: Merchant Marines are those individuals that crew the large mega-freighters and cargo haulers.
  • Physician: Physicians are the emergency room workers, the aides in the medical clinics and the researchers in the life sciences.
  • Privateer: Private companies and planetary governments need to protect their assets; with a Letter of Marque, privateers are mercenaries with space ships.
  • Psionic Guild: Members of a Psionic Guild are psions that are valuable members of society where Psionic Guilds exist in societies that have accepted psionics.
  • Renaissancer: On Tech Level 3 to 5 worlds with societies that have little or no contact with interstellar civilisation, the ‘barbarian’ is a Renaissancer.
  • Scientist: Scientists are individuals who push back the edges of what is known and what is possible.
  • Wastelander: The Wastelanders live and work in the dangerous places where most people fear to go.

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You can purchase Field Manual as a PDF to download from Spica Publishing’s page at DriveThruRPG.com.

Career Book 3  is available to buy in print from Spica Publishing’s Lulu store.

Product Information

Authors: John Griffiths, Richard Hazlewood

Artist: Erich Von Hase

Released: February 2012

Catalogue Number: SP 0106

ISBN: 978-0-9560893-6-6

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