SP 0110 System Book 2: Xibalba

SP0110 System Book 2 Xibalba websiteA body drifts in the vacuum of space near the ruins of a habitat, dimly illuminated by the cooling corpse of a star. Strange noises echo down empty corridors. Ghostly figures appear outside spaceship windows. Voices from the past and future call for help on the radio. Ships go missing without a trace in the darkness.

Are you brave enough to explore Xibalba?

System Book 2: Xibalba is a complete planetary system around a white dwarf star compatible with the current edition of Traveller, designed for use in an existing campaign or as the focal point of an adventure. Inexplicable events plague the inhabitants of the system – are they really haunted by the ghosts of the dead, or is there a more rational explanation for the manifestations?

Where to Purchase

You can purchase System Book 2: Xibalba as a PDF to download from Spica Publishing’s page at DriveThruRPG.com.

System Book 2: Xibalba is not available to purchase in print.

Product Information

Author: Constantine Thomas

Artist: David Redington

Released: July 2013

Catalogue Number: SP 0110


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